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Watering the Seeds in Our Summer Fundraiser!

Munsee Three Sisters Farm, June evening.

Without your care for the Indigenous relatives of Sewanhackey and Lunaapehoking, none of what we have accomplished so far would be possible. 

We’ve planted seeds for long term, regional systems of mutual-aid solidarity with Indigenous nations, and even help plant physical seeds for Indigenous-led food sovereignty and cultural resurgence.

It’s time to water those seeds so they can continue to grow. Faced with literally centuries of disparity, we are working with our Indigenous partners to grow capacity and keep these projects going – and growing!

But this will not be possible without your continued support. Please take a moment and donate what you safely can to our GoFundMe page or Venmo@fourdirections

You can also support our collaborative capacity building effort with Munsee Three Sisters Farm and the Ramapough Lunaape Turtle Clan.  Check out the farm website, and purchase much needed items on our Turtle Clan Community Wish List and the Farm Wish List.

We also need a committed group of volunteers on both Sewanhackey Long Island and in Ramapough territory in New Jersey.  To volunteer, contact us at



1) Long Island Masks for the People is providing quality homemade masks and mask making supplies to Indigenous communities, immigrant, and other vulnerable communities. The need for masks continues –  with direct community support or for the protests that are engaging the world.  Together we are sharing materials, sewing masks, and transporting materials and masks where they need to go!  (photo: Maribell, AMO Long Island/Long Island Love)

2) Sewanhackey Intertribal Reproductive Health & Early Childhood Collaborative is a long name for a simple effort: make sure Indigenous families and kids on Sewanhackey Long Island have the much needed resources they need. We are working with Indigenous nations and other partners like the National Institute for Reproductive Health to supply diapers, wipes, formula, and other items that are in short supply. (photo: Ana Oian Ametsa)

3) Ramapough Lunaape Turtle Clan Partnership – We are grateful for our multi-faceted relationship with the Turtle Clan and the Ramapough People. We are holding distros of food and supplies in Ringwood Community, working closely with Munsee Three Sisters Farm, and  supporting other community building and sovereignty efforts that benefit the long term resurgence of the Ramapough Lunaape Nation.  (photo: Ana Oian Ametsa)


2) Sewanhackey Food Sovereignty and General Solidarity  is our effort to grow relationship and help support community resurgence and well-being among Sewanhackey’s Indigenous nations. In particular, we are working with the Shinnecock Nation, Unkechaug Nation, and Setalcot Nation on a variety of efforts including distro supplies, community gardens, community building, and economic empowerment. (photo: Tela Troge, Shinnecock Nation)


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