Prayer For Action

To Relatives of the Four Directions: 

COVID19 offers a challenge to our nations and communities. But our Ancestors have always told us that challenge provides the opportunity to grow strength of heart and spirit.  During the lean times, spirits are tested, and trials overcome.  The impact of COVID19 and lack of humane response by certain dysfunctional governments is just the latest test.

But just like challenges have always been present among Indigenous nations, and especially among the Indigenous nations of Turtle Island, so too has the powerful resilience of togetherness and relationship embodied in the “we.” 

Now, as people talk about things like “mutual-aid” and “solidarity”, Indigenous peoples know these are just the latest names for social relationships of life that have existed since time immemorial.  These sacred ways of life prioritize balance and whole-ness for the well being of all Life. They bring joy and laughter and keep our hearts engaged with the Creator, Mother Earth, and with each other.

America has derived its fantasy paradise of wealth and supremacy from exploiting the lands and labor of Indigenous peoples.  Four Directions was formed to encourage the transfer of those resources back to Indigenous people in times of crisis. We bring people together from the four directions – Indigenous and non-Indigenous people alike – to help make a difference. 

Join with us now to make a difference during this challenging time. Let’s honor the Creator, our Ancestors, and each other and renew the togetherness and relationship the Animal People and Mother Earth still practice, and that is our natural way of being as free and sovereign peoples. Hou! Hou!

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