Capacity Building

COVID19 is a novel crisis, but not the first as all Indigenous people of Turtle Island know.  You can read our Prayer for Action and call out for greater togetherness and social relationship in this time. 

We are in the early stages of capacity building. We are growing collaboration with other groups, organizations, and individuals while also getting reports for community needs from various nations. Whether you want to volunteer, donate, or have a need for your nation or community, please fill out the Mutual-Aid Form. It helps us organize and plan effectively. 

We are grateful for your patience as we work to create supply lines and resource capacity in the midst of social distancing and limited resources. We are hopeful

We NEED organizers, volunteers, and donations.  We also need collaborative-minded groups and individuals. Visit our Needs page for specifics.

We are also working on DIY resources to assist in the much needed production of hand sanitizer and masks. We will have video links as well as printable flyers up as soon as possible.

We offer our prayers for your nation, community, clan, and family’s safety and well-being during this time.  The failure of the American system to address this crisis and enact further harm on Indigenous nations and the working poor is a great reminder of the need for strong, INDEPENDENT Indigenous nations and resilient grassroots community-based systems.

Stay strong, safe, and healthy!

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