Cultural Competency

What is cultural competency?

Four Directions has always focused on ensuring our work is culturally competent with the communities we are invited into.  For non-Indigenous people and other settlers, cultural competence is a practical and necessary step towards reconciliation.

For us, cultural competency means:

  1. Being aware of one’s own worldview, and willingness to leave those biases, needs, or desires at the door. This includes understanding cultural appropriation and settler spiritual seeking behaviors.
  2. Having an open mind and positive attitude towards cultural differences, perspectives, and approaches one might encounter.
  3. Willingness to gain knowledge of respective Indigenous nation’s cultures, customs, histories, and worldviews.
  4. Acting in a culturally safe and appropriate way. Demonstrating respect for Indigenous culture and leadership in all interactions. Four Directions focuses on the leadership of traditional elders and grassroots leaders when possible.
  5. Having integrity by doing what we say we are going to do and being transparent in our actions.
Four Directions freely offers Indigenous solidarity resources for any non-Indigenous group or individual. These guidelines have been used extensively by groups across Turtle Island.  Please contact us for more information. We also provide basic Indigenous solidarity training for all our volunteers.

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