Online Concert Benefit!

SATURDAY MAY 2, 2020 – Facebook Online Concert Begins at 2:00pm on Lucky Star Radio

Join us for an awesome livestream concert to benefit Four Directions Mutual Aid and Masks for the People. Check out the Concert Benefit Event Page on Facebook! Hosted by Rorie Kelly and LuckyStar Radio.

To donate online, please visit: We are also considering setting up a VENMO for this event.

Schedule of Events (All Times in Eastern Time!)

2:00pm rorie kelly
2:30pm Wandering Time
3:00pm Martha Trachtenberg
3:30pm Ling Chiu
4:00pm Four Directions Mutual Aid shares more about their mission and how you can help. We will probably drop a song too! 🙂
4:30pm Naomi Rabinowitz
5:00pm Rayeon
5:30pm Ondine PM of PM Edition
6:00pm Acoustic Hand
6:30pm Diggy Kat

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