Online Benefit a Success!

What happens when fantastic artists come together to share their time and talent for mutual-aid?

A Saturday online benefit that is a huge success! We raised over $500 in support of our work. All of this money goes to buying, making, and transporting resources where they need to go. We have no overhead and no salaries, so this your donations are making a direct difference.


Donors included: Ryan, Rebecca, Michael, Jeanette, Elizabeth, Diggy, Russ, Allison, Anupama, Wendy, Cheryl, Paula, Francesca, Lisat, Dustin, and Sarika.

We owe a huge debt to our self-organizing artists, especially Rorie Kelly and Diggy Kat of Lucky Star Radio who really did all the work. And all of the musicians were fantastic:

Rorie Kelly   |   Nick Kerzner of Wandering Time   |   Martha Trachtenberg   |   The Scooches   |    Naomi Rabinowitz   |   Rayeon   |   Ondine PM of PM Edition   |   Diggy Kat  

You can rewatch all of their performances on FourDirectionsMA.  We encourage you to support their music by buying CDs, merch, and other swag they might have. It’s tough times for musicians right now – show them some love!

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