General Needs

Our Understanding of Mutual-Aid

Mutual-aid are the “we” based social care structures Indigenous people have been practicing since the beginning of time.  You give what you can to others, and you take what you need.

Four Directions isn’t trying to be a single provider, but to ensure that the needs of Indigenous nations and communities are widely known and prioritized in a culturally competent way. We work in collaborative relationship with Indigenous nations, groups, and individuals as well as non-Indigenous groups and individuals to meet these needs during this crisis. In return, these nations are asking how they can help out others!   Visit our Gratitude Page for a list of people and organizations who are already collaborating with us!

Four Directions Volunteer Needs

 Four Directions is seeking part time, volunteer organizers to assist our mutual aid work with Indigenous nations and other communities on Paumanauke Long Island and surrounding areas. Volunteer opportunities are dependent upon your availability, and desire to help.

We are looking for people with the real desire or proven ability to work with Indigenous communities in a culturally-competent way. This is assisted by a basic understanding of Indigenous peoples and history of North America. Previous organizing experience is a bonus. Fluency in spanish is helpful. Indigenous solidarity education is provided (if necessary).

Community Volunteers – We need volunteers on Sewanhackey Long Island to assist with Indigenous  community gardens.

Organizing– We need people who can assist us in finding and tracking made, donated and purchased resources, and helping to direct those resouces to community partners for distribution. Fundraising experience is a plus. Skills include: internet research, good listener and communicator, culturally respectful relationship building, persistence, multi-tasking coordination of resources.

Outreach Coordination – Our project would benefit from volunteers who have the ability to reach out to potential new mutual-aid partners, NGOs, resource suppliers, and governmental organizations. Other communication includes networking among mask sewers to coordinate mask production, pick-up and delivery. Effective listening and friendly communication skills are needed.

To Get Involved: For more information and to see how your interests can be matched with our needs, contact Ana Oian Ametsa or Ezeder Tzorginda at 631-626-5842 or


Support for the Ramapough Lunaape Turtle Clan and Munsee Three Sisters Farm is located on its own page.

The following are needed items for projects on Sewanhackey Long Island as well as general needs. We offer our gratitude for your care and sharing.

+ REPRODUCTIVE HEALTH, EARLY CHILDHOOD, & ELDER PRODUCTS – We are working on a collaborative project to resource reproductive health, Elder, and baby  needs in various communities. If you can assist in supplying diapers of all sizes, pull-ups (pampers is a preferred brand), quality baby wipes, women’s menstral products, Elder Incontinence Pads/Bladder Control Pads (men and women), or other neo-natal supplies, please contact us.

+ COMMERCIAL & DIY HAND SANITIZER GEL    – We need both alcohol based (with alcohol of at least 60% purity/120 proof) and non-alcohol based or herbal scented sanitizer gel for those in recovery or battling addiction who prefer an alternative. 

+ PERSONAL PROTECTIVE EQUIPMENT – This includes nitrile or latex gloves, kid’s size masks,  N95 masks,  and thermometers are also requested.

+ PAPER PRODUCTS –Tissue packs, toilet paper, paper towels, and ZEP Blue Towels.

+ CLEANING PRODUCTS – Dish/hand soap, bleach, and other basic cleaning supplies.

+ BEDDING / TOWELS / SOCKS -Clean bedding, blankets, pillows, sheets, cots, socks, slippers, towels, and wash cloths.

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