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Ramapough Needs

Our work with the Turtle Clan of the Ramapough Lunaape is not only an act of justice, but an act of remembrance and returning relationship between families.  We honor the ancestors and relatives who have made this possible!

The following is a list of needs. Lists have been broken down into two main areas: the Turtle Clan Distro and Munsee Three Sisters Farm.  Some items overlap and are used for both.  You can visit the Dream List for each one and purchase items off of the list. Or you can directly support our organizing, coordination work, and purchase of items for these efforts. You can also directly support The Turtle Clan by visiting the Munsee Three Sisters Farm website.

1) Turtle Clan Distro & Community Needs Dream List.  We also maintain a list of food items that our distro partners provide. Other items in need include:

      • Deer, elk, and bison meat.

2) Munsee Three Sisters Farm Dream List.  Additional items not on the dream list include:

      • Compost and delivery is a recurring need. You can contact Ag Choice (see below) and pay for compost (we recommend 15 or more yards at a time) and delivery to the farm. Their contact information is:   Ag Choice | PO Box 1031, Andover, NJ 07821 | phone 973.786.5176.  Tell them you are purchasing for delivery to Munsee Three Sisters Farm.
      • Gazebo/Arbor lumber.  Please contact us if you would like to help prioritize purchase of these materials.  The basic materials are on the Dream List but other items will be needed.
      • Rotary Sprinkler Head System – This is another part of the farm water system used to water large beds easily.
      • 10 yards of 3/4 stone for road repair for delivery access to farm.  Please contact us if you wish to help us with road upkeep. Right now, a low section in the road makes large deliveries difficult.
      • Bottled water for community members and visitors of the farm. We recommend Just Water, an ethically, regionally sourced water.
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